Watch the music video, “Refuse” here. Originally shot in 2008 by director and producer Heather Scobie, this video was delayed due to technical difficulties. Through mass effort, the music video was recovered and recently completed and uploaded to YouTube. Like it and comment on it if you like it!

Hell Hath No Fury originally formed in 1998 as an all female metal lineup. It was the first and only all female metal lineup formed by and with guitarist and singer-songwriter Leah Collery. In 2010 Collery moved to Hollywood California to attend The Musician’s Institute of Technology and the lineup disbanded. Collery continued to write music for her own projects, and in 2005 she released the EP “Uprise.” Shortly after, Hell Hath No Fury reformed with new members. The female fronted, thrash metal power-trio was completed by Shawn McPherson on bass and backing vocals, and Dan Welby on drums.


Hell Hath No Fury offers unique thrash flavored riffs, hooks and breakdowns with a modern feel. The project is influenced by the old school popular thrash metal of the 80s in the vain of such artists as Testament, Megadeth, Metallica, Death and Pantera. Collery is the main songwriter writing all the major foundations of the music including guitar, vocals, bass and drums. The now defunct lineup toured the western half of the United States, in addition to performing many shows in the Hollywood, greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas. The former lineup officially disbanded in 2010 when Collery began her career transition into the helping profession. In 2015 all unreleased materials were published, including the music video for the single “Refuse” and a second EP, “Truth or Consequences.”